Not surprisingly, solar panels work great when the sky is blue and there’s lots of sunshine.

However, you may be wondering what happens when the weather is dull, dark or pouring with rain?

Yes, solar panels do still work on cloudy days, just not quite as well.

Solar panels will generate electricity when they are in direct sunlight and also when they are only exposed to defused light, such as when sunlight is shining through the clouds.

The amount of electricity that will be generated does depend upon the amount of solar radiation that reaches the solar cells in the solar panels.

A range of different factors can affect the output of your solar panels, such as;

  • the amount of solar radiation that shines on the panels
  • the temperature of the solar panels, both too hot and too cold can affect the efficiency of your solar panels
  • high humidity can also affect the output of electricity from your solar panels

Solar panel technology has advanced a lot in the past ten years. Their efficiency continues to improve every year so the impact of heat, humidity, and low light is being reduced slightly every year.